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Confession OF MURDER!

A Full and Particular Account of the Apprehension of
THOMAS MOFFAT, who fled from Kilsyth about
three years ago, for the Barbarous Murder of his
own Father, by repeated Stabs in the abdomen!
with an Account of his Confession and also of the
manner in which he spent his life since, &c.

ON Friday the 7th of October 1825, Serjeant Leckie of the Cal-
ton Police Glasgow, accampanied by a Sheriff-Officer, appre-
hended, in Auchinearn, who was working at his loom in a house
in that village, where he went under the assumed name of George
Watson. It will be recollected he was outlawed for the murder of
his father, three years ago, in Kilsyth. He was seized without his
coat; and was taken into a public-house,, he made off, and ran
through three parks, bolting through hedges, but was at last taken
in ambush.

He says he was twice in the police office since the murder, but
was not reconized. He confesses the murder; but blames his fa-
ther for striking and ill-using his mother, and for drinking all the
money he earned, and starving the family, and giving them no
education whatever. He said that the night he killed his father,
he was much intoxicated, and did not recollect how the murder
was effected. The death of his father was effected by repeated stabs
in the adbomen.

He said when he absconded he went to Dumfries, but stopped
only ooe or tow nights there, because ne could not rest. He came
to Auchinearn, where he had been living ever since. He said he
has never since got a sound sleep, except the nights he was the
worse of liquor. He was about to be married.

When in jail, he said to Mr Leckie that it was the happiest night
he had since he committed the deed. If his mother was dead, he
he did not care how soon he left the world. He has a very down-
cast look, and is about 5 feet 8 inches high. He was sent off on
Tuesday morning under an escort to Stirling Jail.