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Who was was Hang'd at Tyburn, on Wednesday the 23d of September 1719 for
Marrying three and twenty Husbands ; with her Life and Conversation,
and an exact Accompt of all her Husbands Names, their Places of abode,
and the Losses they sustain'd by her : Together with her Farewel to the

MARy BAKER, alias, Jean Cook, alias, Lobby alias Hanun, or Harnale
&c. She said to the Ordinary, She was about 35 Years, born of honest
tad wealthy Parents in the City of Salisbury. Betaking early to a vicious
Course of Life, none of her Friends would look upon her. For being once a
Lady's Woman, she was debauched by the Steward of the House, then a young
Man, whom the thought to have marry'd; But their Intrigues coming to their
Lord and Lady's Ears, both she and the Steward were turn'd out of their Ser-
vice ; and then her Lover prov'd false to her,and would not marry her. After
this, she marry'd two Hasbands, one after another, about two Years ago, and
since that, two more; all the Four being now alive.

As she was suspected to have more Husbands still, the Ordinary alked her
the Question ? But she said, she had no more; and that having so many as
she had, was occasion'd by her several Husbands abusiag her,and leaving her,
as soon as she was marry'd to then. And here he eadeavour'd to make her
sensible, that she was highly guilty of the Sin of Adultery, beside other Sin;
she had committed before God ; of all which, if the did not Repent, she would
eternally Perish. Upon this, she seemed to entertain some serious Thoughts,
but withal discover'd a great deal of Uneasiness in her Mind, which visibly en-
ereas'd, after the dead Warrant was come, and she found she was in it.

Mrs. MARY BAKERS, Farewell, to the World.

GOOD People give good head to what I Consess, for by Subtile Inven-
tion, alais GOD's Laws I have transgressed: for by Falsehood and
cunning I have betrayed several Young Man, alias I Tremble for to declare
my wretched Life, which was as follows, I seemed to be a Woman of a great
Fortune, and forged Deeds of an Estate, and showed it where ever I came,
by which I betrayed twenty three Men, which now is to my great Shame,
Their Names are as follows, David John's a Farmer living in Wales, also one
Robert Gard'ner, a plugh-man of that Country, and John Bird in Wapping,
near Flece, & Harry Dicks of Shadwel-Dock, from whom I ran away with Sixty
Guineas, and after Peter Downs, living near Pell-Mell, from whom I took
Forty Pound, and after William Brown living in the Stranda Baker from whom
I took near a hundred Pound, and after Thomas Harrison, a Farmer in Es-
sex, who Clothed me in Coastly Apparel, and also Ralf Rogers, from him I
took his Rings and Plate, he living in East-Smithfield, and after William Davis
who lives near Clerkenwell, Then Thomas Young, a Grasier in Northamptoun
Shire, and after Daniel Frazier in the same Shire, from them two I took three
hundred Pound, the next was James Barns the Maltner, living near Canter-
bury, whom I ruined,the next was Peter Hob a Carner,from whom I took twenty
Pound, the next was a Quaker called John Trueman, living in Tower-Hill I
took fifty Guineas from him, next Abraham Johnston, I got a Hundred Poud
from him, George Strange a Goldsmith near Rederiff, next Petter Lang, a Sho-
maker, I got Forty Pound from each just before I was tryed,and John Fox ano-
ther Baker, and after a young Squire living in Oxford, which makes in all three
and Twenty. All you Spectators be warned by me, for a viller Creature did
never live on the Earth: And now O LORD, receive me, LORD I crave
thy Mercy, do not forsake my Sinful Soul, but save me for a Mediator's sake.