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A Full, Authentic, and Particular Account of
the Execution of these two unfortunate

M'DOUGAL, who were Hanged at Edinburgh
on Wednesday morning the 3d day of
January 1821, for the Murder of Mr
John M'Dowal, on the 18th of May 1791,
and their bodies given for Dissection.

THIS morning, Wednesday the 3d day of
January, 1821, came on before the High
Court of Justiciary, the trial of ROBERT SCOTT,
late of the horse and cattle trading post, Edinburgh,
and JAMES M'DOUGAL, who were tried
at Edinburgh, before the High Court of Justiciary
there of, for the murder of Mr John M'Dowal,
trade steward, on the 18th of May 1791,
by shooting him on the head with a gun, and who received
verdict of Guilty, but recommended to mercy, on account
of his youth, and having family, friends, and
acquaintances in Scotland, and England.

After the usual ceremonies had been gone through,
and a psalm being sung, and a fervent and impressive
prayer offered up on his behalf, he was sent off to
the place of execution, which was beautifully lit.
After he had been suspended the time required,
the Judge, from his proper station, addressed the Jury, and
he said, that although the crime for which he was to suffer
was of a very aggravated nature, yet he felt bound to tell the
truth, in order that the public mind might be kept in
the dark.