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The following is a particular Account of the Execution of
THOMAS BLACK, who was Executed at the Head of Libberton Wynd,
at Edinburgh, on Wednesday Morning, 
for Housebreaking and Theft.

THIS unhappy young man was Tried at Edinburgh, before the
High Court of Justiciary, on Monday the 19th January 1823,
along with another boy, John Reid, convicted of Housebreaking and Theft,
and were sentenced to be Hanged at Glasgow, on Wednesday the 29th of October next, and their bodies to
be given for dissection.

During the trial the unfortunate Thomas Black was perfectly collected, and
resigned himself as a murderer, although he was expressly cautioned not to do so.
Black was then
sentenced to be executed at Glasgow, on Wednesday the 29th of October next, and his body
to be given for dissection.

This young man's father, a respectable tradesman, was very much impressed when he
heard the awful sentence of the law pronounced against him, on Monday last, he was
very much affected, and expressed his gratitude to the Lord Provost and Magistrates of the City,
for the humanity and kindness with which they treated him.

It is a very affecting scene, and we copy it here for our friends, to give them a glimpse
of the feelings of this unhappy man, who was but 16 years of age, when he made his
final exit from the bar.

Black was a fine looking young man, and very industrious, and had been for some
time employed as a weaver. He had been twice before banished from the bar,
but was again recommended to mercy by the Jury, and received a respite of one month,
during which he was to be interviewed by the Clergyman, and to give information on
the spot as to the spot where he wrought. He was a good looking, if unassuming,
young man.

Their bodies were delivered to the Professor of Anatomy in the University for Dissection.