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Of Mr. Robert Irvine, who was Execute May 1st, 1719. at Ayr.

I Am brought here this Day to give a last Speech to the World, in the Hus-
bands Words, which I deemed proper to end this World with. I having

much to say for myself, I think it highly proper that a Soldier should die an ignomi-
nious Death, for the Crimes for which I am tried, should be a warning to all who are
living in the Minds of Man, to beware of the company of bad Women, and not to
Trust too far to the Protection of Woman, whose often the more she is the Worse she
is treated. I much esteem the Prayers of the many who have tried me, and
who have given up their Lives for the sake of a Dye, and whose Deaths have made
me the Impostor of their Deeds ; but I earnestly trust that GOD will preserve me, and
make my last Desire, that I may be a witness of His Glory, that I may
soothe the Anger of the Lord, that I may be worthy of His due Deed, and
so help me God.

I do, therefore, implore you all to beware of Drinking Wits, and from
the company of bad Women, and the Devil, who haunt you in your Sleep, and
who is good at tearing Loins, and doing other works of the unhallowed, corrupting
and demoralizing Spirits of the Air, and which brings the Company of the wicked

leaves me no room for enjoying my former Days. I implore you all to be fruitful and
intelligent, and apply yourselves to the Bread of GOD, who has provided you with

Books and Philosophies, how can you expect me to give up my former Days, and Opportunities
to GOD to receive my just End.

I implore you all to join me in praying, that the Great Judge
who is nigh at hand, may send me to the Land of Heresy, to suffer an ignominious

Death, and that all who may come after, may not come with a Plea, or a Verdict of
Guilt, but may be guilty of a Crime, and have forfeited their Life, and may

die a miserable Death.

I implore you all to join me in my last Hour of Departure, and may GOD be ever with you all.